August Chevalier (1871 – November 29, 1934) was a French-born American lithographer living and working in San Francisco, California. He came to the United States in 1890. Nothing is known about his early life and education, but he appears to have made his name with the publication of his 1904 work 'The Commercial, Pictorial and Tourist map of San Francisco': Chevalier's wife, Josephine, came to America from France that year, so perhaps the publication of his first map provided the means for bringing her to join him. Chevalier would go on to produce half a dozen plans of his home city, of which his magnificent 1912 topographical map of San Francisco known as 'The Chevalier' is best known. In 1931 he produced a series of 'Aero-Map-Views' of various regions of California, all of which appear to be quite rare.

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