Salvador Chofré (fl. c. 1880 - 1898) was a Spanish lithographic printer who established himself in Manila, Philippines. Chofré was born in Madrid, but of French descent.. It is unclear when he emigrated to Manila, but in 1880 he imported a lithographic press from Germany and established, 'Tipo-Litografia de Chofré y Compañía,' becoming the first lithographer in the Philippines. He worked broadly, issuing maps, sheet music, children’s publications, and government documents. By 1898, he ran the largest private printing house in Manila. His workshops were on Alix Street (no Lagarda), and his shop was located on L'Escolta. One of Salvador's sons, Francisco Chofré Olea (1873 - 1896), died in 1896, in the Philippine War (1896 - 1898), and in grief, the operations were crippled. In 1902 it was acquired by Alfredo Chicote, who continued to print under the Chofré imprint. In 1927, it was acquired by Jesus Cacho, who renamed it Cacho Hermanos, under which name it remains active to this day. A further Salvador Chofré, possibly another son, attempted to immigrate to the United States in the 1920s, citing unrest in the Philippines. Salvador's dates are unknown.

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