William Hill Collingridge (fl. c. 1846 - 1894) was one of the partners in W.H. and L. Collingridge, a printing firm William founded and later operated with his brother Leonard Collingridge (1837 - March 24, 1900). The Collingridge Brothers also founded City Press, which published a newspaper of the same name from 1857 until 1871. William Collingridge sold his share of the firm to Leonard and three younger members of the family, John, Leonard Thomas, and Hugh Collingride, in June 1894. William Collingridge was also the author of several books, including How to Woo, When, and to Whom, originally published in 1855, and the Comprehensive Guide to Printing and Publishing: A Manual of Information on Matters Connected with Printing, Publishing, etc. etc..

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