Bernard Vernon Darbishire (August 8, 1865 Dwygyfylchi, Wales - December 29, 1935, Surrey, England) was a Welsh mapmaker and member of the Royal Geographical Society. He matriculated at Oxford May 23, 1885, and maintained a long relationship with the university and town, producing many educational atlases and maps published by Oxford University Press. Works include The Kingsway Atlas of Physical Geography (1921) Oxford Outline Maps (of the World), (1911) and a series of wall maps printed between 1910 and 1911. He also contributed to Stieler’s Atlas of Modern Geography (editions between 1909 and 1915) and his own War Atlas (1915), a compilation of maps relevant to the first World War. His work with the Royal Geographical Society includes ‘Northern Korea’ (1892), ‘Sketch map of the Black Sea, after I.B. Spindler’ (1892), ‘Sketch map of the Black Sea, after I.B. Spindler’(1894), ’Part of British Guiana and Venezuela’ (1895), ‘Mr. G.G. Dixon's compass-survey of the River Barima : from the Eclipse Falls to the source’ (1895), ‘Map of the Luchu islands, to illustrate Mr. Basil Hall Chamberlain's paper’(1895).hind