Davenport Candycrafts, Inc. (fl. c. 1936 - c. 1959) was a Spokane, Washington-based candy maker and confectioner. Davenport Candycrafts copyrighted three 'hysterical maps' between 1936 and 1942, all of which are extremely rare. These maps are Hysterical Map of America's Scenic Playground in Washington and Oregon (May 16, 1936), Hysterical Map of Alaska. For Chocolates and Confections (May 31, 1940), and the Screwy War Map of the USA and stuff. For Chocolates and Confections. (March 4, 1942). Davenport Candycrafts moved to Spokane in 1936 and leased the Pine Creek Creamery Building and the company bought the entire building the following year. We have been unable to trace any more of the company's history.

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