La Dépêche du Midi (October 2, 1870 - Present) is a regional French daily newspaper circulated in southeastern France. The newspaper first appeared under the title La Dépêche and its first issue was published on October 2, 1870. Famous French politicians Jean Jaurès and Georges Clemenceau wrote for La Dépêche early in their careers. La Dépêche soon became associated with the radical-socialist left wing of French politics, and by the beginning of the twentieth century, French Catholic bishops began to see reading the paper as a 'grave sin.' The paper continued publishing throughout the twentieth century. However, since La Dépêche was operated by collaborationists during World War II, it was banned after the Liberation of France. It reemerged with the name La Dépêche du Midi in 1947. Nonetheless, La Dépêche again took firm radical left and anticommunist positions.

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