Isidore Laurent Deroy (April 14, 1797 - November 25, 1886) was a French artist, lithographer, and draughtsman. Born in Paris, Deroy studied under Louis François Cassas (1756 - 1827) and another artiste sited only as 'Félix'. His is best known for his collaboration with André Chapuy (1888 - 1941) and Louis Le Breton (1818 - 1866) to produce views of cities and geographical sites all over the world. His lithographs were displayed at the Salon de Louvre from 1827 until 1866, and in 1836 and 1861 was awarded 3rd Class Medals. He produced lithographs of a diverse array of subjects and published views of all parts of the world. His children Emilie Deroy and Auguste-Victor Deroy followed him as painters and lithographers.