Jacob Richard Dodge (September 28, 1923 - c. 1890) was an American publisher, poet, and journalist. Born in New Boston, New Hampshire, Dodge learned the art of printing in the offices of the Amherst Cabinet, a local newspaper. After graduating from school he accepted a post as a schoolmaster in Mississippi, where he remained for five years, before returning to Nashua, New Hampshire. During this period in Nashua he published his only map, a railroad guide and wall map of New Hampshire. In 1855 he moved to Ohio, where he published the American Ruralist, a regional agricultural newspaper. In 1861 Dodge again relocated, this time to Washington D. C. There he took a position as Senate Reporter for the National Intelligencer. From 1866 to 1878 he worked as Statistician for the Department of Agriculture. In this role he was sent to Europe to represent United States agriculture at the 1873 Vienna Exhibition. Dodge continued to work in statistics with the U.S. Government until the 1880s. It is unclear when Dodge died.3