Columbus Drew (1820 - 1891) was a Florida physician, politician, writer, bookseller, publisher and printer active in the mid to late 19th century. Drew acquired a degree in medicine from Washington University in Baltimore before relocating to Florida to establish a practice in Jacksonville. Drew quickly became a leading citizen and, being an ardent Union Man, held the post of state Comptroller during the post Civil War Reconstruction. Drew was a leading figure in the development of Florida following the Civil War. His influence impacted the course and development of state railways, canals, drainage projects, and other civil world. Cartographically he is best known for the publication of his "New Map of the State of Florida", which, through numerous editions and revisions, chronicles the history and development of the state during a critical period. This map is now extremely scarce in any edition. Columbus Drew passed his publishing company to his son, Horace Drew, who continued to publish an update Drew's important map. The Drew family became leading citizens in Jacksonville and today their historic Victorian home enjoys landmark status.