Eugène Duflot de Mofras (July 5, 1810 - January 30, 1884) was a French naturalist, diplomat, explorer, and spy active in the 19th century. Mofras was born in Toulouse, France, the 7th son of Vost Cosme Nicolas Duflot and Anne Julie Mofras. He served as the French political attaché to Madrid (1828 - 1839) before being transferred in 1839 to the French Legation in Mexico. He was dispatched in 1839 on an intelligence reconnaissance or spy mission to explore the Pacific Coast of North American from Upper California (Alta California) to Oregon Territory, study American, Spanish, and Russian activity, and assess the viability for French expansion into this region. His two volume work, Exploration du territoire de l’Orégon, des Californies et de la mer Vermeille, exécutée pendant les années 1840, 1841 et 1842 is regarded as a seminal accomplishment and the most detailed overview of this region prior to the American occupation.