Walter Lewis Emanuel (April 2, 1869 - August 4, 1915) was a well-known English satirist of Jewish descent. Emanuel was born in Paddington, London. He studied at the University Collegiate School and at Heidelberg University, becoming a general solicitor in 1896. With the publication of his first book, Me, he left legal practice in 1901 to pursue a career in humor writing. Emanuel's work was featured in humor magazines such as Punch, where he had a weekly column 'Charivari', as well as in various books where he is known for anthropomorphic dog characters. The most famous such books were The Dogs of War (1906 and again in 1913), and A Dog Day (1919). He also published a short-lived English humor magazine, The Butterfly. Following in the dog theme, his most significant cartographic work his contribution of text the 1914 serio-comic map Hark! Hark! The Dogs Do Bark! - a canine-themed satirical look at Europe during World War I (1914 -1918). He died in Ladbroke-Court, Kensington, London, at just 46.

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