Emrik & Binger (fl. 1857 - 1927) was a Dutch lithography firm based in Haarlem. The firm was founded by Charles Binger (February 25, 1830 - February 14, 1916) and David Ozer Emrik (May 23, 1809 - December 27, 1883) in 1857. The older Emrik handled the administrative and financial aspects of the firm while Binger focues on the technical side and production. Binger married Emrik's daughter, Jeanette, further binding the two partners. Their earliest known work is a business card dating to 1858. In the early 1860s they began to embrace the new science of photography and won several awards for their work at various expositions and were highly successful. Emrik died in December of 1883. Charles Binger continued to manage the firm on his own, but passed the firm's management on to his son Maurice, and the sons of David Emrik, Orest David Herman and David, in 1896. The firm continued to operate until about 1927.