John F. Fairchild (c. 1868 - 1943) was a civil engineer and surveyor based in Mount Vernon, New York. Fairchild was born in Washington, D.C. and attended Central High School. Little is known of his upbringing or training, but he appears to have begun work as a civil engineer in Washington, D.C. around 1888. In 1890, he relocated to Mount Vernon, New York. Although he worked for the Bronx Valley Sewer Commission in the mid-1890s, most of his maps were cadastral maps of real estate lots being sold in growing neighborhoods and suburbs of Washington, D.C. and New York City. In 1899, he produced an Atlas of the City of Mount of Vernon and the Town of Pelham. Fairchild served as a major in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the First World War. In 1930, he retired and relocated to Harrington Park, New Jersey, where he died in 1943.