Matteo Florimi (1540 – April 13, 1615) was an Italian print seller, book dealer, printer, and publisher. Florimi was born in Calabria around 1540. He relocated to Siena around 1501 where he established a prosperous workshop known or books, allegorical prints, floral prints, and maps. Around 1600 he acquired the services of Arnoldo di Arnoldi, a map engraver previously employed with Giovanni Antonio Magini. In that same year, Magini accused Florimi of plagiarism, an event that is most likely associated with Arnoldi's defection. In the years 1605-1608, Florimi received financial support from Ottavio Cinuzzi. He was also known to be close friends with the Italian mannerist painter Francesco Vanni. Florimi's cartographic work is often found in Lafreri atlases. Florimi was survived by his four children, Giovanni, who continued his father's workshop under the imprint 'Eredi Florimi'; Francesco, Cecila, and Caterina.