Giovanni Antonio Galignani (1757 - 1821) was an publisher and newspaperman born Brescia, Italy. Galignani lived in London for some time before moving to Paris in 1800. Around this time he began publishing a daily English language Newspaper in Paris known as "Galignani's Messenger". In 1810, Galignani also opened an English language bookstore at 224 Rue de Rivoli, Paris, where he sold many of his publications, including, most likely, this map, his only known cartographic endeavor. Following Antonio's death in 1821 both the bookstore and publishing firm were taken over by his sons, John Anthony and William Galignani. In 1884 the daily newspaper was sold and renamed the "Daily Messenger". The Bookstore, Galignani's, remains to this day one of Paris' finest English Language bookshops.