Kenneth Alexander Gardner (July 2, 1893 - November, 1964) was an urban planner and landscape architect active in San Diego in the early 20th century. Gardner was born in Evanston, Illinois and west to high school at Lowell Preparatory. Gardner matriculated at Harvard in 1916, taking a degree in Landscape Architecture. He was initially employed in John Nolan's (1869 - 1937) Cambridge, Massachusetts, Landscape Architecture office, but relocated at Nolan's request to San Diego in 1923 to become the city's first full time Planning Engineer. At the same time, he partnered with Nathaniel E. Slaymaker (1880 - 1962), to form 'Gardner and Slaymaker', a private landscape design enterprise that constructed such prestigious buildings as the Scripps Lath House in La Jolla - a kind of greenhouse build of solid wood slats popular in southern California to promote the growth of shade-loving plants. After 1932, his professional record disappears. He may have returned to in 1932 Boston then traveled in Europe. He died in California in 1864.

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