Veniamin Maksovich Gokhman (Вениами́н Ма́ксович Го́хман; 1918 - 1986) was a prominent Soviet geographer and expert on the United States. Although initially trained as a chemist, Gokhman turned his attention to geography and wrote a doctoral dissertation on the geographic distribution of American industry and its role in the Second World War. In the mid-1950s, he began his career as a professor at Tomsk University and then at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. He was also deeply involved with the Institute of Geography of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Gokhman was a pioneer in the fields of mathematical geography and theoretical geography, though he also emphasized social and cultural aspects of geography. Although he never visited the U.S., Gokhman was a key figure in American Studies in the Soviet Union, a leading expert on American geography, and a translator of works of Western geographers into Russian.