Carl Gothe de Grote (c. 1824 - 1xxx) was a Prussian civil engineer and architect. Born in Prussia, Gothe de Grote arrived in the United States at some point in the mid-late 19th century. He was in charge of building the first Temple Emanu-El in Dallas, Texas at Commerce and Field that was dedicated on May 28, 1876. By 1880 he was living in Kansas City and working as a civil engineer. He created a city plan of Kansas City published by H. T. Wright in 1882. Wright is noted as leaving Kansas City in 1882 and being robbed of his pocketbook on the train between Kansas City and Topeka. A notice in Las Vegas, New Mexico Las Vegas Gazette informs readers that 'Carl Gothe de Grote, the architect, went to Watrous Sunday to superintend the construction of a new building there'.