Albany Moore Grieve (June 21, 1816 - January 17, 1858) was a surveyor and hydrographer with the British East India Company's Indian Navy in the mid-19th century. He was born in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales. He joined the Indian Navy as a Midshipman on May 20, 1831. As such, he served aboard the Elphinstone (1833-35), Coote (1835), Palinurus (1837) and Shannon (1838-39). Grieve was promoted to Lieutenant on October 11, 1841, serving on the Atalanta (1841-42) and again on the Palinurus (1844 - 1850), then on the Euphrates (1853 - 1856). He was promoted to Commander on July 3, 1856. During this time, he participated in multiple ground-breaking hydrographic surveys of the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea coastlines, among them the first and second surveys of Karachi Harbor, the Somali Coast, and the South Coast of Arabia. Grieve died suddenly and unexplainedly in Karachi on January 17, 1858.