Henri Grisot (1919 - 2014) was a French painter and teacher. He was born in 1919 in La Chapelle de Mardore, a small commune in central France and spent his childhood in Ville-sur-Jarnioux, where his parents were schoolteachers. He attended the école normale (écoles normales in France are institutions for training schoolteachers) in Lyon and then became a teacher himself and never left his beloved Beaujolais region. He painted hundreds of paintings using watercolors, India ink, sanguine, and charcoal, among other media. By the late 1970s, he had become the premier painter of the region. He married Jeannine in 1946, and they both served as schoolteachers in Theizé until 1962 when they moved to Villefranche, where Grisot taught until he retired in 1975. After his retirement, Grisot was able to focus on his passion for painting

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