Georg Christian Grund (July 11, 1695 – February 10, 1758) was a German printer, publisher, and engraver active in Hamburg in the middle part of the 18th century. He was the sone of the German typographer Hermann Heinrich Holle. Grund was the owner of the Hamburgischer Correspondent, which he renamed Staats- und gelehrte Zeitung des Hamburgischen unparteyischen Correspondenten (State and scholarly newspaper of Hamburg's nonpartisan correspondents). Until the outset of the French Revolution, this periodical was the only reliable source in Germany for foreign news. Little is known of his life and work but he appears to have engraved maps and images for Johann Anderson's 1746 Nachrichten von Island, Grønland und der Strasse Davis. Grund was a founding member of the Hamburg Patriotischen Gesellschaft. He was survived by his daughter Sophia Maria Grund.