Hankow Daily News (March 15, 1906 - c. 1912) was an English language newspaper published in Hankow in the early 20th century. The newspaper's first issue was released in March of 1906. The paper was founded by the English China coast merchant John Andrew and the German expatriate Otto Marx, who important type and a large press form England. It promised to offer the latest news from British, American, and German telegraph wires as well as local news collected from missionaries in the Yangtze valley. Andrews died in 1907 or 1908 and Marx died shortly 1908, after which ownership and editorship fell to T. Ross-Reid. The paper, among other political positions, advocated for a consolidated International Settlement (like Shanghai) and covered the First Chinese revolution (1911) and the Battle of Hankow from a first person perspective. It consisted of roughly 8 pages, each organized into to 6 columns, with occasional supplements. Publication appears to have ceased around 1912, following the Xinhai Revolution.

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