Johann Christoph Harenberg (April 28, 1696 - November 12, 1774) was a German Protestant theologian and historian. His most notable efforts concerned the history of Gandersheim and Bible exegesis. Born to a farming family, he was educated at the gymnasium in Hildesheim. He went on to study theology and eastern languages at the University of Helmstedt, and in 1719 continued his labors at the universities of Jena and Halle. Upon completion of his collegiate work in 1720 he became rector of the Stiftsschule in Gandersheim, resulting in his 1734 Historia ecclesiae Ganderhemensis cathedralis ac collegiatae diplomatica. (It was during this time that he also wrote his 'Vernünftige und Christliche Gedancken über die Vampirs,' a rationalistic approach to widespread contemporary reports of vampirism.) In 1735 he became general supervisor of schools in Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, and he became a member of the Berlin Academy of Sciences in 1738. Works later in life would lean more on biblical history.

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