George Daniel (Red) Harney (July 15, 1918 - April 2, 1999) was an American artist, cartographer, and sign maker. Born in Los Angeles, California, Harney worked as a sign painter before being drafted into the U.S. Army on December 22, 1942. He was assigned to the 84th Infantry Division and became a cartographer, making maps for the 84th using aerial reconnaissance photographs. He was also a talented violin player and entertained his comrades with his skill as a musician. Harney served overseas from August 1944 and even found his mother's former home in Germany while there. He also located an uncle still living in Germany who had been imprisoned in a concentration camp 'for a time'. Harney was discharged on January 5, 1946, at the rank of Staff Sergeant, and he returned to making signs in Pomona, California, advertising in his local paper that he was 'Out of the Army - Back on the Job' and 'gold leaf my specialty'. He became a member of the fire department in January 1951.