Jack Ellis Haynes (1884 – 1962) and his father Frank J. Haynes (1853 – 1921) are photo historians of Yellowstone National Park. Frank Haynes was originally employed by the Northern Pacific Railroad as a photographer to photograph the route from Minnesota to the West Coast for advertisements. In 1884, Frank obtained leases on two different four-acre plots of land in Yellowstone National Park, one near Old Faithful and the other near Mammoth Hot Springs, and opened his first photo shop. Frank eventually operated photo shops at all major sites within Yellowstone Park. When Frank retired in 1916, Jack took over the photo business. Jack married Isabel Haynes in 1830 and settled with her in Bozeman, Montana. Eventually, due to his dedication to the park, Jack earned the nickname 'Mr. Yellowstone'. After his death in 1962, Isabel operated the thirteen photo shops located within Yellowstone until she sold the business to Hamilton Stores in 1967.

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