Johann Friedrich Hesse (November 24, 1792 - 1853) was a Berlin-based German painter and lithographer active in the 19th century. Hesse was born in Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, in 1792. His father was a musician and he received his education at the Magdeburg Provincial Art School and later at the Royal Academy of Dresden. There he studied under Schubert and Retsch. After graduating he lived for a time in Hamburg where he may have married Dorothea Loysa Koch in 1813. In 1838 Hesse again relocated, this time to Berlin, where he established a lithography studio and print shop to supplement his income as painter. Little is known of his life, nonetheless, both paintings and lithographs do appear on the market from time to time. In particular, he is known to have issued a series of images of American cities geared toward the German emigrant community.