Georg Horn (1620 - 1670) or has he was otherwise known, Georgius Hornius, is a Germany born historian and professor active in the central part of the 17th century. Hornius spent most of his life in Holland, where the cosmopolitan atmosphere offered him greater academic freedom. As an academic Hornius was known for his unconventional approach that encouraged looking at important historical events from multiple angles. He, for example, advocated the uncommon view that Attila the Hun was actually a much loved and beneficent ruler. Hornius composed a number of historical essays but is best known for composing the text to accompany Johannes Jansson's monumental mapping of the Holy Land in 1658. This six part map is today generally referred to as the "Hornius Map" in his honor. A number of other historical maps, also associated with volume VI of Jansson's Atlas Novus.

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