Hosford and Sons (fl. c. 1851 - 1872), also operating as 'Hosford and Ketcham', was a stationer, lithographing, and printing concern based in New York City in the mid-late 19th century. They specialized in bank notes, stock certificates, business forms, and other official stationary. The firm consisted of Frederick J. Hosford (1811 - 1889) and Charles F. Ketcham (1831 - January 21, 1900). Later F. J. Hosford's sons, Henry Hosford (1839 - ????), and James Spencer Hosford (1837 - October 20, 1922), joined the firm. The partner firms operated out of 57 and 59 William Street. Ketcham pull out of the operation sometime around 1870, and started his own firm at 27-29 Nassau Street. The Hosford Brothers relocated to 56 Cedar Street, where they continued to operate as Hosford and Sons. In the 1880s, J. S. Hosford moved upstate to become a gentleman farmer.

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