Charles Jerome Hotchkiss (December 11, 1887 - November 12, 1950) was a Denver-based map publisher active in the middle part of the 20th century.  Hotchkiss was born in Pontiac, Michigan.  He served in the Michigan National Guard, achieving the rank of private. We find him in Denver as early as 1909, when he married Esther J. Frinche. By 1910 he was working as a freight insurance auditor for the Colorado and Southern Railroad.  He started the Hotchkiss map company in 1933 and, in 1934, advertisements name him 'Successor to Clason Map Co.' At that time, he also continued his practice as a 'freight auditor.'  Hotchkiss republished many of Clason's maps, updating and revising them as needed. The business operated at least until his death in 1950.  Hotchkiss was also an active Freemason at the 33rd degree.