Thomas S. Hughes (fl. 1904 - 1926) was an American viewmaker active in the early years of the 20th century. Hughes is an elusive figure before and after his viewmaking career - due in part to the commonality of his name. In 1904 Hughes partnered with the venerable Oakley Hoopes Bailey (1843 - 1947), who was then in his 60s. The duo traveled throughout New York, New Jersey, and New England, revisiting the sites where 20-40 years earlier, Bailey made his own views. There they made new views, illustrating the development and change that occurred over the intervening period. The 'Hughes and Bailey' Aero-Views as they were known are universally copper half-tone images - suggesting that Hughes implemented modern photo-mechanical printing technology and even photography to enhance the viewmaking process and printing. Hughes appears to have moved around a lot. When the partnership was founded, he was living in Brooklyn. His wife died in that year, shortly after the firm was founded. By 1912, he is noted has having relocated to Cambridge, Boston. The last Hughes and Bailey view appears in 1926. After this time, there is no verifiable record of Hughes.

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