Wilhelm Jättnig (fl. c. 1830 - 1840) was a German engraver based in Berlin. He is one of the lesser-known scions of Carl Friedrich August Jättnig (1794 – 1849), the youngest son of the engraving dynasty’s founder, Carl Jättnig (1766 – 1819). Wilhelm worked with his father to engrave maps for Daniel Gottlob Reymann’s (1759 – 1837) monumental Geographischer Specialatlas von Deutschland. When Reymann died, the project was passed to Heinrich Karl Wilhelm Berghaus (1797 – 1884). Wilhelm continued to work with Berghaus on the atlas of Germany as well as on Berghaus’ important Atlas von Asien. His uncle, Carl Christian Ferdinand Jättnig (1789 - 1847), and many nephews of the Jättnig name, were also a prominent engravers.

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