Nicolas Jaugeon (fl. c. 1680 - 1710) was a typographer, mathematician, and engraver active in Paris in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Jaugeon is best known for the 1692 invention of the typeface Romain du Roi, which is best known today as Times New Roman. The typeface was revolutionary at the time as it abandoned the artistic principles of calligraphy to instead draft each letter on a uniform mathematical platform. The typeface was initially reserved for the French Royal Press, Imprimerie Royale, but was later adopted by others. Jaugeon was also a prominent and active member of the French Academy of Sciences. He cartographic corpus appears limited to a single, but spectacular, map of the work published in 1688. Another Jaugeon, Jacques, also appears to be associated with the development of Romain du Roi, and the two are often conflated as the same individual, suggesting further research into the elusive but important individual is required.

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