Edwin Hosmer Kellogg (September 7, 1845 - November 18, 1927) was a civil engineer, surveyor, and map publisher active in Denver, Colorado in the second half of the 19th century. Kellogg was born in White Pigeon, Michigan, but he grew up in Ann Arbor. From 1862 - 1864, he studied from the University of Michigan, but is listed as a non-graduating alumni. He relocated to Denver, Colorado in 1865 to take work as the private secretary to Governor Alexander Cameron Hunt. When Hunt's term ended in 1869, Kellogg began to work privately. Around 1871, he began advertising himself in Denver directories as a civil engineer and surveyor. He appears in Denver directories from 1871 - 1875. During this time he released several important maps of Denver and Colorado in partnership with fellow surveyor Joseph Hartshorne Bonsall (1833 - 1876). Subsequently, he traveled extensively throughout the southwest, pioneering hydraulic engineering in Texas, New Mexico, and Idaho. He moved to San Bernardino, California in 1904 to work as chief engineer of the Arrowhead Reservoir and Power Company. Kellogg died in San Bernardino in 1927.

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