Edward Horace Kilham (September 24, 1862 - March 30, 1920) was a Portland, Oregon based printer and stationer. In 1898, Kiham partnered with his brother Howard Dewey Kilham (1867 - November 19, 1929) and Rowland Waltz (25% shares) to the found of Kilham Stationery and Printing Company. Kilham constructed a large flagship store at 5th and Oak, that boasted six floors and some 25,000 square feet of office supplies. The firm was Portland's largest stationer until in the second half of the 20th century - when it began a long slow decline. When Howard Kilham died, the firm was taken over by his son, Horace, and widow, Frances 'Kubli' Kilham (1872 - 1852). Later, their son, Horace Kaspar Kilham (June 10, 1905 - September 3, 1963) took over. In the 1940s, Robert Hoyt took over ownership. In 1979, Kilham was sold to Wakefield Mac. It was formally dissolved in February of 1991.