Eusebio Francisco Kino (August 10, 1645 – March 15, 1711) was an Italian Jesuit priest, missionary, cartographer, geographer, explorer and astronomer. Kino was born Eusebius Chinus in the town of Taio, in the then sovereign Prince-Bishopric of Trent. He was educated in Innsbruck, Austria and joined the Jesuit order on November 20 of 1665. After being trained in the tenants of the Jesuit order, he received Holy Orders on June 12, 1677. Kino was sent to the New World where is first assignment was to lead the Atondo Expedition (1683-1685) to the Baja region of New Spain. There is established his first mission, the Misión San Bruno, in 1683. Although this mission was abandoned due to drought, he was later sent to the Pimeria Alta, the modern-day Sonoran Desert, to establish additional missions. He remained in this region for 24 years, mapping it with considerable detail as far as modern day California and Arizona, and establishing numerous missions. As part of this work he produced some of the first accurate maps of the region and is credited with proving definitively that California was a peninsula, not an island, as previously believed. He died from fever on March 15, 1711, at the age of 65, in what is present-day Magdalena de Kino, Sonora, Mexico. His skeletal remains can be viewed in his Crypt in that city to this day.

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