William W. Klein (February 9, 1868 - ?) was a German - American civil engineer and surveyor living and working in The Bronx. He was born in Mündelheim, Germany; he joined the cadet corps at 13, was a sergeant by 1887 and rose to the position of Lieutenant in 1890 - though he apppears to have at least visited New York as early as 1889. In any case, he was granted leave in 1897 (Verabschiedet) returning to the United States in 1897 at the age of 29. Klein appears to have begun work as a surveyor and civil engineer right away, working for some years in conjunction with printer Robert Welcke on several maps of the Bronx and New York City overall. In 1906 he was appointed City Surveyor. As of 1913 he was a listed member of the Verband Deutscher Schriftsteller in Amerika (Association of German Writers in America.) The beginning of the first world war saw him return to Germany to take up his commission. He served in the ersatz corps in 1914, being promoted to Oberleutnant. He appears to have survived the war: but we see no evidence of his ever returning to America or his family.

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