John Jenness Lane (July 5, 1860 - July 13, 1913) was a New England newspaperman, printer, editor, and publisher active in the late 19th and early 20th century. Lane was born in Candia, New Hampshire. At just 18, in 1878, Lane founded the Candia Banner, a daily servicing Candia, New Hampshire. The small newspaper was remained active until 1882. In 1880, he took over management of the Suncook, New Hampshire local. He worked for a time as an editor in Manchester New Hampshire, eventually establishing the Laconia Advocate. He also worked as a correspondent for the Boston Globe in northern New Hampshire. In 1896 he relocated to Boston to take on an editorial position at the Associated Press. Lane was an active promoter of New England Street Railroads, or Trolleys, and served as secretary of the New England Street Railway Club from 1904, when he leveraged his editorial credentials to publish an exceptional Trolley Wayfinder Map of New England. He joined the masonic order in 1904 and was active in political life, beling elected to the Board of Selectman, the Everett Common Council, and the School Board. Lane's son, Harry, died of illness in 1910, leading to a period of deep depression and physical decline that ended in his death in 1913.

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