Albert Levering (1869 - April 14, 1929) was an American architect and cartoonist. Born in Hope, Indiana, Levering's father was an architect, who moved the family to Kansas City, Missouri, in 1882. Levering appears to have learned architecture from his father, Levi Levering, and worked with his father's firm from from 1887 until at least 1894, when he moved to Minneapolis in 1894. By 1895, Levering was a staff artist for the Minneapolis Journal and was studying with Burt Harwood. He moved to Chicago, Illinois, in 1896 and began working for the Chicago Tribune as an artist. Apparently, Levering chose not to stay in Chicago very long, because obituaries state that he moved to New York City in 1896. Sometime in the late 1890s, Levering spent two years studying art at the National Academy in Munich, Germany, and was back in New York by 1900, per the 1900 U.S. Census. That year he contributed work to Harper's Monthly Magazine, and Harper's Weekly. During his career, Levering also worked on the staff at Puck and Life, and illustrated several book, some of which included Grimm Tales Made Gay, Mollie and the Unwiseman, and Alice in Blunderland. Levering married Frances Jewell Youngling on May 31, 1905.