Willem Lodewijcksz (fl. 1595 - 1598) was a Dutch mariner who accompanied Cornelis de Houtmann on his 1595-1597 voyage to southeast Asia. Upon his return, he sought out Cornelis Claesz to publish his log book in 1598 as Historie van Indien, accompanying this work with a chart detailing the islands de Houtmann visited on the journey. The map was, alas, suppressed: Dutch authorities recognized the advantage the new knowledge afforded, and forbade its publication in the book. A few examples of the Claesz were published separately, and that chart - the first detailed map of the region - proved sufficiently useful that there have been examples found annotated with navigational directions, indicating that they were actually used at sea.

In stark contrast with the importance of his book and chart, the man Lodewijcksz is unknown in every other aspect of his life. His birth, death, family, education and career following his return to the Netherlands are utterly unknown.

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