Matthäus Albrecht Lotter (1741 - 1810) was a German engraver and map publisher; he and his brothers inherited the firm from their father, Tobias Conrad Lotter (1717 - 1777) who in turn had inherited the firm of Matthäus Seutter. T. C. Lotter and his sons Matthäus Albrecht, Georg Friedrich, (1744-1801) and Gustav Conrad (1746 - 1776) succeeded in building on the economic success and professional reputation of Seutter's work. Eventually Lotter became one of the most prominent mid-18th century map publishers working in the German school. After the elder Lotter's death in 1777, the business was taken over by Matthäus Albrecht and Georg Friedrich two eldest sons. Despite their best efforts, they lacked their father's business acumen, and the firm began a slow decline. It was nonetheless passed on to a subsequent generation of Lotters, Gabriel (1776 - 1857) and Georg Friedrich (1787 - 1864), who pushed it into further decline until it faded out in the early-19th century.