Marco Marcovici (May 31, 1873 - February 2, 1938) was a Belgian-Romanian photographer and publisher. Born in Jassy, Romania, Marcovici arrived in Belgium in on June 15, 1901. Marcovici was active as a picture postcard publisher from soon after his arrival in Belgium until his death. After World War I, he built his business around 'disaster tourism' by publishing photographs of the battlefields and their ruined landscapes. In the 1920s and 1930s Marcovici branched out from postcards and began publishing maps and guidebooks as well. He married Nelly Eliza Marie Dumont on May 10, 1902, with whom he had one son, born in April 1903. They divorced on June 9, 1917. He then remarried on May 22, 1920 to Lucia Hermann. Marcovici died by suicide on February 4, 1938.

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