Mast, Crowell, and Kirkpatrick Publishers (fl. 1877 - 1973), later known as the Crowell-Collier Publishing Company, is a now defunct American publisher the owned Collier’s, Women’s Home Companion, and The American Magazine, along with general reference books such as Collier’s Encyclopedia and the Harvard classics book series.

Founded in the 19th century, Crowell-Collier began in 1877 when Phineas Pl Mast, an industrialist from Ohio, hired John S. Crowell away from Home and Farm in Louisville to manage Farm and Fireside, a bi-monthly journal. Mast retired in 1879, but stayed on as an investor. Crowell, along with T.J. Kirkpatrick (Mast’s nephew) then changed the name to Mast, Crowell, and Kirkpatrick Publishers. Crowell obtained Kirkpatrick’s interest in 1902 and renamed the company the Crowell Publishing Company. In 1906, he sold the company, but the new owners retained the name.

In 1919, the Crowell Publishing Company acquired Collier’s. In 1939, the company changed its name to The Crowell-Collier Publishing Company. In the mid-1950s, Crowell-Collier ran into financial difficulties. They discontinued both Collier’s and Women’s Home Companion in 1956. Crowell-Collier merged with Macmillan in December 1960 and changed its name to Macmillan, Inc. in 1973.

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