Felton Mathew (1801 - November 26, 1847) was a British surveyor active in New Zealand during the early colonial period. Felton was born in London. Little is known of his early education and upbringing, but he moved to New South Wales in 1829 to work as Assistant-Surveyor of Roads and Bridges. In 1836, the Colonial Office appointed him as official Sydney Town Surveyor. This position that was voided in 1839, when the Colonial Office determined that Australian states would thereafter manager their own affairs. Without work, Mathew took up an offer to become the first Surveyor-General of New Zealand. There, he completed several important surveys laying out the city plans for Auckland and Wellington. Mathews returned to England in 1845, and again in 1847. On this last trip he fell ill and disembarked in Lima, Peru, where he succumbed to his illness and died.

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