Umiumi Matsu (July 18, 1883 - October 30, 1925) was a draftsman active in Hawaii in the early 20th century. Matsu first appears in Oahu city directories in 1902 as a clerk for the first land district. In 1909, Matsu was working as a clerk for the Hilo Railroad Company. The following year he is listed as a chainman for the road department in Hilo. He was working as a surveyor for the Thomas Cook Company in Hilo in 1911 and in 1912 he was working as a draftsman for the Loan Fund Commission in Hilo. A year later, in 1913, Matsu began working as a draftsman for the department of public works, where he worked until at least 1920. He created at least one commercial map during his lifetime: a road map of Oahu for the Honolulu Automobile Club. Aside from the entries in the Oahu city directories, we have been unable to unearth very little information about Matsu's life.

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