Charles John 'Chuck' Mazoujian (August 24, 1917 - January 14, 2011) was an American artist and cartoonist. Born in New Jersey, Mazoujian attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and graduated in 1939. After graduation he began working at the Eisner and Iger studio on comics, and, after that partnership dissolved in 1940, followed Eisner to the new studio he started. While working for Eisner, Mazoujian created the comic strip 'Lady Luck', which debuted on June 2, 1940 and ran through May 11, 1941. He enlisted in the army on January 31, 1941 and served as an illustrator, with his work appearing in both official Army manuals as well as in civilian publications like Life Magazine. After the war, Mazoujian also taught figure drawing and painting at the Pratt Institute. In the early 1960s Mazoujian took a position as an illustrator for the New York advertising firm Ogilvy and Mather. His paintings appeared in the American Watercolor Society shows and Society of Illustrator shows, and he continued to paint until his death. Mazoujian married Edna Monson of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, in 1942 and the couple had two children.