Henri Michelot (fl.1700-1730) was a French cartographer and hydrographer of the late 17th and early 18th century, styled 'Hydrographer and Royal Pilot of the King's Galleys.' Virtually nothing is known of his education or life. He was nevertheless credited with several influential cartographic works devoted to the Mediterranean, and appears to have been based in Marseilles, which was the home port of the French Galley Corps between the 1680s and the 1740s. His works exhibit long experience and close association with the Mediterranean coasts and harbors he charted and are prized for both their detail and the baroque, bellicose imagery that decorated them. His output includes charts of the Mediterranean co-authored with Nicolas Therin, and he collaborated with the similarly obscure Laurent Brémond, both on separate charts and the 1718 Ports et Rades de la Mer Méditerranée. Despite the paucity of information on the man, he was sufficiently esteemed that printed works continued to be attributed to him well into the early 19th century.