Venanzio Monaldini (fl. c. 1765 - 1849) was a late 18th and early 19th century bookseller, book publisher, and map publisher based in Rome, Italy. His work appears as early as the 1760s and as late as 1849. It is unfortunately unclear if his opus represents a single individual or an an ongoing family enterprise. Monaldini's publications focused on maps and guides intended for the Grand Tour set, many of which he published in English. Monaldini, along with Arthur John Strutt, also published the weekly Roman Advertiser: Journal of Science, Literature and the Fine Arts from October 24, 1846 to April 21,1849. The bookshop, Venanzio Monaldini Librario e Cartolaro, was located on Piazza de Spanga no. 79, just opposite the Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy.

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