Juan Moro (September 7, 1869 - June 28, 1953) was an Italian printer and publisher who was active in Resistencia, Argentina. Born in Marbegno, Lombardy in Italy, Moro attended the Central School of Turin before emigrating to Argentina in 1887. His first job in Argentina was with a small printing firm in Buenos Aires before he found a position in the workshops of the South American Bank Company. He moved to Resistencia, in Chaco Province, 1901. Once in Resistencia he opened his own printing and bookstore on February 28, 1901. He soon gained the friendship and trust of the governor of Chaco, Enrique Luburiaga, who trusted Moro with delicate printing projects. Moro built a new building for his firm which opened in 1906, equipped with modern machines and became one of the best equipped houses in northern Argentina. Moro's firm published newspapers, magazines, memoirs, official bulletins, and the work of numerous authors from Chaco. Beginning in 1920, Moro published the Annual Guide of the Chaco (Guia Annual del Chaco), which then appeared in subsequent editions in 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925-26, and 1935-36. Moro died in Resistencia in 1953.