Julius Muller (March 20, 1875 - December 12, 1948) was a Jewish German-American businessman, draftsman, surveyor, and civil engineer. Muller was born in Altonkunstad, Germany but by 1889, at roughly 14, he had emigrated to the United States. It is unclear where in the United States he lived until about 1897, when his is documented in Leadville, Colorado. He was naturalized a U.S. Citizen on year later in 1898. In 1899, he became a clerk for the Jewish Clothier Freedheim Brothers. In 1900 he became a clerk for Baer Brothers Mercantile, a Jewish cigar and liquor merchant. He remained with Baer Bothers until about 1910, when he succeeded into the ownership of said firm, renamed Muller Co. He became quite successful seller beer and spirits and even joined the 'Gentleman Driving Club', competing in several races. When Leadville turned into a dry town, well before national Prohibition, Muller relocated to Denver, and by 1919, to Casper, Wyoming. In Wyoming he worked as. A Civil Engineer, although it is unclear where he received he straining. He remained as a Civili Engineer in Wyoming until his retirement in the mid 1930s. He was employed with the Wyoming highway department and public survey office, and lived the remainder of his life in Casper and Cheyenne. In 1932 he produced the first official highway map of the State of Wyoming. Muller is also the author of The ABC of American Defense, and was known as an expert marksman and talented clarinetist. He died in Cheyenne, Wyoming and was survived bu a daughter. Mildred H. Eakin.

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