James Nason-Jones (June 26, 1898 - November 6, 1972) was an English explorer, prospector, and geologist. Born in England, he may have fought with the Royal Flying Corps during World War I. Between 1927 and 1929 Nason-Jones was the leader of the Finsch Coast Geological Survey conducted by the Anglo-Persion Oil Company in New Guinea on behalf of the Australian Commonwealth Government. In the early 1930s Nason-Jones was back in New Guinea and conducted a survey of the gold regions of both Papua and the Mandated Territory from Port Moresby. While in New Guinea he began prospecting for himself, although we have been unable to determine his level of success. In 1934, during his 'work' in New Guinea, found the source of five major rivers in Papua and Papua New Guinea within fifteen miles of each other. In January 1938 he stated that he had mapped 15,000 square miles of Papua and Papua New Guinea while searching for gold and oil.

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